Facebook 居然跑去跟 WordPress 這邊提出申請要下架這些有帶「Facebook 與旗下相關品牌名稱的外掛」。

這波應該很兇... 要來改名字惹XD


We have been required by Facebook (who owns Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many other trademarks) to close your plugin.

They have told us directly that they longer permit the use of their WORDMARK in your display name, which includes the words Instagram, Facebook, Insta, and Gram. So that means no, you cannot use "for Instagram" or even "with WhatsApp" anymore. This is because they have determined plugins are applications, and applications may not use their brand in the name.


Trademarks apply to the following aspects of your plugin:

The Display Name - You may not begin the display name with someone else's trademarked (or commonly recognized) term and, in cases like this, you may not use the name AT ALL.
All Images - You may not use trademarked logos/images in your banner, screenshots, logos, etc

In order to reopen your plugin, we need you to update the readme file and the main plugin file to no longer infringe on their trademark. Also we need you to make sure you do this for trunk AND your stable tag, so people get the right download.

We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to improve our system to prevent these situations from occurring.

Before you ask “But what about everyone ELSE…” you should be aware that we have been mailing notifications to existing users in batches. A high number of those other developers will end up with their plugins permanently closed due to non-compliance with the guidelines.

Should you change the name to one that violates their brand and trademarks after this is resolved, we will close your plugins and suspend your account indefinitely.

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